reMarkable 2

Having a habit of keeping everything and thoughts on notes for a long time. After the loss of three of my notebooks last year when I was moving to California, I am forcing myself to scan all my notes every night before sleep. Actually scan+OCR already can solve my saving and retrieving requirements, but… it’s really painful to roll the immense boulder up a hill like Sisyphus every night. So I had the idea to digitalize my note-taking process.

I actually tried the iPad + Apple Pencil solution, yet the writing experience was really not quite good. The screen is too hard and too slippy if I write on it directly, yet to attach a ‘paper-like cover’ on the screen makes the display blurry so I paused the plan. Yet after I been smashed by a heavy giant book on my face when I was watching it on the bed last week, I finally decided to order the ReMarkable 2 notebook.

Well don’t ask me about my decision making process… I bought it simply just because The Verge gave it the highest rate (at least to me) among all the e-ink notebooks.

The ones I bought from the official website are ReMarkable 2 (USD 399) + The pencil with an eraser (USD 99, and the funny thing is that I need to pay 50 extra dollars to get the digital eraser… I miss the time when I was young and eraser is 0.5 dollars each) + polymer weaver folio. ReMarkable is very efficient and I got all of them only 4 days after I placed my order. Shipped from China (of course..)

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Leaving Comments?

look at the message input box, how elegant.

I am able to take my time, relax, reflect on what I just experiencd, take a coke from the fridge, type in some feedbacks, do some proofreading, add the missing ‘e’ to ‘experienced’ I just wrote, and then click the submit button. Isn’t this one of the best ways to encourage people to leave feedback? At least much better than the chatting window on Amazon that always reminding you your session will be out in one minute right?

But, yes, it’s true, people don’t use the feedback function. How weird it is(at least to me)!

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If you pronounce BMW out loud your hear “Bee Em Double You”. As with many things we like and I guess dislike, we tend to give cars shorter and easier to pronounce names, kind of to bring them closer to you and make them your own. So owners all over the world started giving these shortened personal names to the cars “Bimmers”.

知识越贫乏的人,越容易拥有莫名其妙的勇气和自豪感。知识越贫乏,所相信的东西就越绝对 – 因为他们根本没有听过和见过与他们的观点相对立的看法





Gender and Power

According to the PMWB 2017 report, approximately 39% of product managers in China are female[1]. In terms of the level distribution of my former company, approximately 61% of associate product managers are female, yet only 21% of senior product managers (SPM) and 16% of product directors (PD) are females. Notably, there are also very few famous female product managers in the industry. The intervention of maternity and job duty changes are potential reasons for the steep decline in the percentage of female SPMs as well as PDs. 

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